Day1: Universal Mechanical Structure & Uncousiousness Behaviors


First, I'd like to explain the relationship between universal mechanical structures and our unconscious behaviors.

Unconscious Behaviors Unconsiousness behaviors are also know as automation. These typically last for several seconds to minutes or sometimes longer, a time during which the subject is unaware of his/her actions. There are varying degrees of automatism. Some may include simple gestures, such as finger rubbing, lip smacking, chewing, or swallowing, or more complex actions, such as sleepwalking behaviors. Others may include speech, which may or may not be coherent or sensible.And automation including interation with objects are just another fascinating level.

Human mind cannot be awake and keep processing new incoming data all the time so it need rest without interfering our behaviors, this is why we need unconsciousness. We need unconscious behaviors especially when we are doing the tasks we have done multiple times before. Thats how using those universal mechanical structures that we’ve seen so many times became unconscious behaviors.

universal mechanical structures They are basically objects' function parts that are share across all kinds of porducts. Such as switching buttons, etc. A few examples explained might better tell what are universal mechanical structures. The first example would be screw driven mechanism on all kinds of caps. When we saw spiral lines on two parts of a set of objects(imagine a bottle cap and the bottle, see image1),

we tend to know that we may need to hold one part and try to spin the other part out of it. And we know exactly if we want to open it, we have to spin the top part anticlockwise. However, before I mention anticlockwise, you may not realize this but still open it successfully because those kinds of principles have already been stored in your mind uncousiousnessly.


So in order to break those links between past experience and current behaviors, I made some of the look-familiar structures to fool audiences to use them unconsciously. However, they cannot be used in the same old way as they should be(which is what our past experiences told us), I made the following designs to make audiences surprise a little bit at first because they can’t use those structures in their old ways and then realize how they used to work and tries out different approaches to learn how they might work in my designs, therefore to retrospect on how we live in an unconscious pattern and how have those designed structures/objects shaped our mind.

1)Clockwise Spinning Cap
A cap that can be spinned out in clockwise. Which is against our habit formed by unified indutry standard.

2)Unclickable Ballpoint Pen
A ballpoint pen that cannot be pushed out by clicking the top.




There are much more to talk about in this particular topic like sometimes universal mechanism in many different usage can lead to misunderstanding. Like turn left/right number pad in calculator/phone


Hopefully I will elaborate/utilize/solve those misunderstandings later in order to let audiences better understand the relationship between the mechanisms we humans designed and our unconscious behaviors built by them.